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Aprilaire Air Cleaners

Breathe Fresh Clean Air.

In business for over 80 years, Aprilaire believes that creating a healthy home starts with improving the quality of the very air you breathe. And in today’s times more than ever, it is essential to be vigilant against illness-inducing airborne bacteria, allergens, fungi, and viruses.

Aprilaire offers an extensive line of indoor air cleaner products, which include air purifiers and air filters,, for health and comfort all through the home. Find the single-room appliance or the whole-house system that will be just right for your family’s needs.

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Our Aprilaire Air Cleaners

There’s a variety of Aprilaire air cleaners to choose from. Here are a few possibilities, below. Contact us for personalized, in-depth help with your selection. We’ll let you know about products in stock, as well as any current promotional deals.

Aprilaire 5000

This is Aprilaire’s top model, designed for severe allergy and asthma sufferers. This model combines the convenience of a filter with the effectiveness of an electrostatic air cleaner. No need for a lengthy wash of collector coils.


  1. Removes particles as small as 0.01 microns – no other air cleaner does this.
  2. Maintenance is easy: just change the filter and give the ionizing wires a quick wipe down.
  3. Can work on demand or in continuous mode.
  4. Removes 99% of mold spores and pollen grains.
  5. Removes 98% of household dust particles and skin dander flakes – the most common asthma triggers.
  6. Traps 98% of bacteria and fungi.
  7. Removes 98% of tobacco smoke and smog particles.
  8. Eliminates 80% of viruses.

Read an independent study that proves the Aprilaire 5000 works better than other top air cleaners >

Aprilaire 3000 and 2000 Series

10 times more effective than a standard 1″ pleated filter, these models are designed to help those with moderate allergy symptoms. They protect your heating and cooling equipment too.


  1. MERV 13 cleaning power.
  2. Removes 98% of mold spores and pollen grains.
  3. Traps 97% of bacteria and fungi.
  4. Cleans 96% of dust and dander from your air.
  5. Cleans 75% of tobacco smoke and smog.
  6. Maintenance is just once a year with an easy filter cartridge replacement.
  7. Produces no ozone.

* Some models have option for on demand cleaning. Ask us for details

Aprilaire 1000 Series

If you don’t have allergies to worry about, and just want some help keeping dust under control, the 1000 series is a more budget-friendly option. Unlike 1″ pleated filters (MERV 4) from your local hardware store, these models also trap pollen and mould spores.


  1. MERV 11 cleaning power.
  2. Clears 94% of mould and pollen from your air.
  3. Traps 72% of bacteria and fungi.
  4. Removes 56% of dust and dander.
  5. Only requires maintenance once a year.
  6. No ozone production.

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