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HRV and ERV Systems

HRV Systems

A heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) is designed to get rid of stale air in your home AND bring in fresh air without losing heat (or cool air in the summer).

With an HRV, you’ll breathe healthier air all year round without sacrificing warmth or the money it costs to heat your home in the first place.

How Does an HRV System Work?

An HRV has a heat exchange core. This transfers the heat from your stale outgoing air to the fresh, incoming air.

In the summer, the process is reversed so that your home stays cool. While an HRV is mainly used for fresh air, it also does a great job of keeping your home comfortable all year round.

What is the Difference Between HRV and ERV?

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is quite similar to an HRV, but it will also transfer humidity. This helps keep your home at optimal humidity levels in each season. This is a huge help to your air conditioner in the summer.

So which one should you choose: an HRV or an ERV? It all depends on your home’s environment. For homes that are humid in winter, we recommend an HRV. But for homes that are too dry in the winter, an ERV will make more sense.

Our home comfort specialists can perform a thorough inspection of your home and present you with some options that will work best for your indoor climate.

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Our HRVs and ERVs

We determine the appropriate size of an HRV or ERV based on the square footage of your house and the features you may want. Here are some of our available models.

Lifebreath 100 ECM

This model of HRV is jam-packed with some amazing features, including:

  • High-efficiency hex core.
  • Door port balancing & adjustable dampers.
  • Excellent low temperature performance.
  • Controller with 5-speed, 4-mode operation, included.
  • Digital wall control included.
  • Lifetime warranty on the HRV core
  • 5-year warranty on replacement parts.

We have more HRVs available depending on the size and needs of your home.

Lifebreath 170 ERVD

This is the ERV we carry. It has the following features:

  • Enthalpy exchange core.
  • Door port balancing & adjustable dampers.
  • -25ºC HVI certified ERV (needs drains).
  • Top-ported.
  • A 5-year warranty on the ERV core.
  • A 5-year replacement warranty.

Depending on your house and indoor climate, you may need a larger model.

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Our Service Promise.

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