Maintenance Plans

hvac maintenance georgetown
Appleby Systems Georgetown is pleased to offer the following maintenance options to protect and extend the life of your equipment.

Prepaid Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA).

This plan combines two or more pieces of HVAC equipment (ie. furnace, air conditioner, fireplace, HRV, humidifier, tankless water heater), is paid for annually and renews automatically on a yearly basis.  This trouble free plan takes the ‘remembering’ out of the equation for you. Our friendly office staff will contact you just before the season starts to schedule your maintenance at the optimum time for that individual piece of equipment.  Our licensed technician will come out and make sure your equipment is in tip top shape just before the season it needs to work the hardest in (ie. furnaces in the fall, air conditioners in the spring).  Call for pricing and further details.

Combo Equipment Maintenance

Should you prefer to have your HVAC equipment maintained all at one time and don’t necessarily want it done every year this option will work for you. Combine up to three separate pieces of equipment and have the maintenance done all in one day. Call for pricing and further details.

All maintenance customers, regardless of option chosen, receive a 10% discount off future repairs with the year (can not be combined with other discounts) and priority service. Our existing customers are always at the top of the priority list.

Contact us to book your maintenance.