BBQ Sales & Service

…Super Service (printed in Letters to the Editor, The Georgetown Independent June 2012)

I always try to support local businesses – it isn’t always about price and most times a few dollars saved is a false economy.  I was in the market for a new barbeque and looked at the big box stores and decided to go for a Weber.  I took a flyer from a big box store to Appleby Systems on Guelph Street to see what they have and how it compared.  I soon learned that the specifications on the same model were different, with the big box store offering being of a much lower quality.  I decided on the model I wanted and jokingly said “If you can have it on my deck by dinner time we have a deal”.  Paul confirmed he could do it and I bought it.  This was all done with my three little boys running amuck in the store and who were treated in a lovely manner.  Paul wheeled my gleaming new barbeque into my garden.  He wasn’t happy with my natural gas connection, so he replaced it.  He took away my old barbeque and all the used brushes etc. – all for recycle.  Throughout the installation he engaged my inquisitive boys – explaining why and what he was doing.  Paul even gave my fireplace a quick once-over before he left.  I tried to pay Paul for the connection and he refused.  Local delivery and installation is included.  The whole experience from start to finish was exemplary.  I work in a customer service-focused industry and this I would rate as the best.  So what did this fantastic service cost me?  Absolutely nothing.  In pure product terms the barbecue was the same price and I got a deal on a Weber cover and brush.  Factor in the better quality appliance, delivery and installation and I am much better off.  How can you put a price on getting a warm and fuzzy feeling when spending money?  When your nine-year-old says “they are really nice people” as you leave a store they have just treated like a playland?  Priceless.