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Water Filter Systems

Water Treatment Systems Ensure your Water is Pure and Safe.

Did you know? Although you expect the water which comes out of your tap to be clean and hygienic, that’s not always the case.

Signs Of Water Quality Problems

Ontario (including Georgetown) has some of the hardest water in Canada. Excessive calcium, magnesium, and manganese in our water supply dry out hair and skin, as well as creating scale buildup on plumbing fixtures, metal pipes, and the inside of your kettle.

Even more unpleasant is the possibility of residues or contamination. Minerals and sediment often result in “off” tastes or smells in your drinking water, and corrode both metal and plastic plumbing lines. When you have a well, your water may be contaminated by illness-causing bacteria or viruses.

Test The Quality Of Your Water Supply

Many of these substances are not apparent to your taste buds, your sense of smell, or the naked eye. If you suspect a problem with your water supply, contact Appleby. We will reliably test your water and as necessary, send it to a lab for further analysis.

Water Treatment Systems Offer A Solution

Once we’ve pinpointed any trouble sources, we’ll come up with a solution for you — one that’s effective, reliable, and affordable. Our line of home water treatment systems (many of which are capable of resolving multiple issues) help make your water supply clean and safe again.

How A Home Water Treatment System Will Help You

  1.  Improve drinking water quality. Enjoy healthful water, free of unpleasant odours or flavours.
  2. Reduce bottled water usage. Besides the cost, all that plastic is environmentally harmful. With your own high-quality water supply, who needs bottled stuff?
  3. Protect your plumbing and fixtures.
  4. Avoid mineral deposits which cause dinginess or stains on your laundry.

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Novo Water Treatment Products

Appleby carries the full line of Novo water treatment products, including: Water softeners to remove minerals like magnesium and calcium from your water, Water filters to remove sediment, Chemical treatment systems to remove chlorine, chloramine, sulfur and iron, Ultraviolet disinfection systems to kill harmful microbes, Reverse osmosis units that use semi-permeable membranes to get maximum filtration.

Aqua Flo Platinum and Econo Water Filters

The Aqua Flo is a series of POU (point of use) filters meant to give you the best quality drinking water possible. You can get one or more filters, or even install it to treat your entire home water supply. Once installed, use the filtration cartridges according to your water quality needs. The Aqua Flo filters out sediment, chlorine, sulfur and iron. Water softening cartridges also available. Certified by NSF.org and WQA.org

Gen5 UV/Filter Rack System

If you need filtration PLUS disinfection, this is a great choice. Ultra violet light kills microbes like E.coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia Lamblia. Additional filtration options solve sediment and mineral problems as well.

Genesis H2O Ultraviolet Disinfection System

The Genesis lines focus on ultraviolet light disinfection. This model doesn’t come with a filtration system, so you can use it on its own or with the filter of your choice. There are different models available depending on the water flow rate needed for your home.

485 HE Softener, Filter and Specialty Systems

This line offers higher efficiency and greater flow rates. Different models are made for different filtration and softening needs.

475 QC Undersink Filtration Systems

Changing filter cartridges is easier and more sterile than ever with these bayonet-style cartridges. They mount easily right under your sink and remove particles as small as 0.2 microns. That means they filter out lead, VOCs like pesticides and herbicides, chlorine, and of course sediment.

Best of all, no water is wasted by the process.

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