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Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters Georgetown

Endless Hot Water And Energy-Efficient Too!

Rinnai tankless water heaters are tops in North America and the first major brand manufactured in the US. Never run out of hot water again — these compact water heaters offer an endless supply. They are also very energy-efficient, since they don’t waste fuel warming a storage tank.

Rinnai tankless water heaters have an excellent warranty and last up to twice as long as a conventional model, reducing their operating costs even more. Wi-Fi capable, Rinnai water heaters are easily installed for new construction or retrofits, and can supply hot water to as many as 5 locations.

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Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters We Carry

With dozens of water heater models to choose from, it’s best to get expert advice to ensure your needs are met. All tanks meet or exceed NRCan standards.


ENERGY STAR® Qualified. The Rinnai SENSEI™ RU130iN tankless water heater is equipped with energy-efficient condensing technology and has earned qualification by ENERGY STAR®. With a heating capacity of 15,000 BTU to 130,000 BTU, plus a 0.95 energy factor, it will supply up to 7 gallons of hot water per minute.

A trim profile (comparable in size to a small suitcase) makes this natural-gas powered unit simple to install in any indoor spot.


Excellent Energy Factor. The Rinnai SENSEI™ RU199iN Super High Efficiency Plus provides an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it, at a rate of 11 GPM (gallons per minute). Inexpensive and energy efficient to run, its heating capacity is 15,000 BTU minimum, to a maximum of 199,000 BTU. The unit is qualified by ENERGY STAR®, with a 0.96 energy factor.

This compact tankless water heater is perfect for installation in the indoor location of your choice.


High End, Smart Home Compatible. The Rinnai SENSEI™ RUR160iN condensing tankless water heater is part of Rinnai’s high end RUR line. Enjoy a constant supply of hot water on demand (9 GPM), plus energy efficiency and smart home compatibility. Amazon Alexa voice activation and Wi-Fi monitoring add an extra layer of convenience.

From minimum 15,000 BTU to maximum 160,000 BTU and ENERGY STAR® residential qualification with a 0.95 energy factor. Space saving and simple to install indoors.


Ultimate Comfort And Convenience. The Rinnai SENSEI™ RUR160iN, from Rinnai’s high end line, has a host of excellent features. In addition to an endless supply of hot water at 11 GPM, this model is fuel efficient (its energy factor of 0.96 goes with ENERGY STAR® qualification) to save you money.

Convenient maintenance with Wi-Fi monitoring, together with Amazon Alexa voice activation capability. Compact profile for simple, space saving indoor installation.

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