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Water Softeners

Hard Water and Your Home

Do you see a white buildup on your taps or kettle? It’s called hard water scale, and it’s a common problem in many areas, including Georgetown.

That scale is made up of minerals absorbed from groundwater – usually calcium, magnesium, and manganese. But in your home, it’s difficult and annoying to clean up, it coats the inside of your plumbing, and it definitely dries your skin and hair.

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Water Softener Solutions from Novo

Novo water conditioning products are some of the best that money can buy – and they’re a Canadian company. They have multiple ISO certifications and uses a Lean manufacturing process to keep quality up and costs down. That’s savings that can be passed on to you.

With NSF-certified control valves, pressure tanks and plastics, Novo products aren’t prone to the usual problems that plague water softeners like cracked collars, valve issues and bursting.

485 HEDP Dual Pass Softening System

This water softening system has two tanks for perfectly consistent water softening results. If you have very hard water this is a great choice because the first tank takes care of most of the minerals, while the second tank catches anything that remains.

Econo Flo Water Softener

For reliable economical water softening the Econo Flo is a great choice. It uses 50% less salt and 28% less water than conventional models. It’s available in a compact under-cabinet design and traditional twin tanks, and is perfect for most hard water issues.

NSA certified and WQA Gold Seal approved.

485 HE Softener, Filter and Specialty Systems

This line offers higher efficiency and greater flow rates. Different models are made for different filtration and softening needs.

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